Hive Swimwear 2012 / 2013 Catalogue shoot from Simon Jardine on Vimeo.

Hive Swimwear 2012 / 2013 Catalogue shoot
from Simon Jardine

The final video release for the Hive Swimwear 2012/2013 Collection will be January 1st in 2012.

We have some other small projects from Fraser Island to release between now and then including a 3D segment.

Fraser Island is a photographer’s dream. There is an abundance of natural beauty on Fraser which is the world’s largest sand island.
White sand, fresh water lakes, rainforest, sandy beaches and rugged headlands.

We used a variety of multi-rotors including a modified Droidworx Hex, Cinestar6, SkyJib a ducted XL quad for close 3D shots (yet to come) and an Aerobot machine which will be released shortly.

Special thanks to :
Kat Hogg – Director and Designer of Hive Swimwear
Pete Hogg – Coordinator of shoot for Hive Swimwear
Models – Emma, Jess, Sarah and Nikki. (all hot babes and cool chicks!)
Cam – SmythsInc Hairdressing – for the ‘mad’ hair.
Matt and Karlie – The glue to the shoot.
Flick – My bestest assistant !

Thanks to all for keeping the shoot fun and safe!

Music – “Anchor” by Emily Trembath
Produced by: Department of Fiction

If you missed last years shoot you can find it here :