Full Circle from Callum Cooper on Vimeo.

Full Circle
by Callum Cooper


Full Circle is the first fashion film for new London / Melbourne label Klezinski. This film is a creative collaboration between artist/film-maker Callum Cooper, sound artist John Kassab and Klezinski. Full Circle is a showcase of hand-crafted fashion pieces from its initial range. Klezinski makes apparel, accessories, art and interior products utilising sustainable manufacturing processes and materials.

Visuals: Callum Cooper
Audio: John Kassab

Willow Berzin
Callum Cooper
John Kassab
Tim Tropp

Georgia Fulton
Jeremy Koren
Sam Willersdorf

Foley Artist:
Adrian Medhurst

Special Thanks:
Leo Baker
Jules Berzin
Tim Fleming
Andrew Hustwaite
Taryn McLean
Hal Tropp
Moi Rogers

Was shortlisted in the vimeo.com/awards/shortlist/fashion 2012